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Derald Hamilton was born in Santa Cruz, California on July 22, 1950 and seven days later adopted by Derald and Naomi Hamilton, two products of rural Iowa. Belonging to a military family, he has lived at bases n Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Georgia, Virginia, New Jersey, Oklahoma and Germany. While in Germany he visited such places as Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, and Austria, and much of Germany.

Derald's mother had health issues that forced them to settle in one place, while his dad continued moving to wherever the Army assigned him. He has accumulated courses in creative writing, along with a Bachelor's degree in American Studies, a Master's degree in Divinity, and a Master's in Library Science.

While pursuing his Master's in Divinity, he became disillusioned, perceiving the church atmosphere to be a hotbed of politics and competitive showmanship.

A few years later, Derald pursued a Masters Degree in Library Science. He earned the degree, but found library jobs to be quite scarce, so he took an administrative support job, this time with the Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority. He worked for the Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority, and has retired after 32 years of service.

Derald continued freelance writing, and at the age of forty, decided he had done enough living to lend credibility to writing fiction. He has since been able to have four of his short stories published, along with non-fiction articles, and his first novel, The Call, is now in print. His second book was an anthology titled Twice Upon A Prequel & Two Shorts, and his second novel, Transit, is in the works.

Derald still lives in the Bay Area of northern California and enjoys playing his banjo in bluegrass and old time jam sessions.

Derald's publishing credits include:

  • “Bone River Anthology,” published in the Cordova High School literary publication, the name of which escapes me
  • Regular contributor to the children’s newspaper The KidsPrint Times for about two years
  • Columnist for a quarter for the DeAnza College newspaper LaVoz
  • Article pertaining to child bluegrass musicians published in a 1991 issue of the California Bluegrass Association’s Bluegrass Breakdown
  • Letter printed in The Community News
  • Three of my short stories were published in Jo Sarti’s one-shot anthology entitled Thoughts in Transit. These short stories were “Tattoo,” “The Last Man Out,” and “A Matter of Blood Ties.”
  • Short story entitled “The Family Way” published in the last issue of the Georgia anthology Writers for Readers
  • "An Occurrence At the Light Rail Station Ceremony" is published in May 2015, in NEBO: A Literary Magazine
  • "Bus Route" is published in the 2015 Summer Edition of "Mobius: A Journal of Social Change" Volume 26, Number 2

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